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GAIAM - A Natural Lifestyle Destination

Home. Garden. Fitness. Organics. Yoga.

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Meditation Chair and Table

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Natural Health and Personal Care

  Natural Health and Personal Care:

The Original International Apothecary


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Spa Finder - Health and Relaxation

Spa Finder Best Buys:

  • Ayurvedic Medicine offers relief for mind and body. Ayurveda, a six-thousand year-old system of preventive medicine...........

  • Longevity Center & Spa, nestled in a tropical paradise, is hailed as the most effective lifestyle-change program in the world with unparalleled weight-loss and health results..........

  • New Age Health Spa all-inclusive resort offering health-enhancing services with over 20 therapeutic spa treatments conducted in a contemporary spa facility................

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ConsciousOne - Raising World Consciousness One Person at a Time 

ConsciousOne.com Click Here

Featured Authors: Shakti Gawain, Joan Borysenko, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Jean Houston.....and numerous others


Wisdom Flash: Life as a Daymaker  Click Here

Wisdom Flash: The Journey  Click Here

Wisdom Flash: Emergence  Click Here

Wisdom Flash: Cleansing Fire Click Here

Wisdom Flash: Ten Secrets Click Here

Wisdom Flash: Tools For Life Click Here

Relaxing Sound Environments

Atmosphere is extremely authentic, and you will never hear the same sequence twice. Have you ever bought a 'relaxing sounds of nature' CD, only to find that after a few listens, you know exactly what's coming next? You'll never have that problem again.
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Program Yourself to Succeed

Software-Based Goal-Setting System

The ELANRA MK II Air Ionizer


The ELANRA MK II now has a total of 144 different programming structures available, enabling it to cater more specifically to a wide range of ailments. It is like having 144 ionisers in one. One Hundred and forty four specific configurations have been designed to give different settings of ion output, concentration, frequency, direction and mobility.

FREQUENCY MODULATION  However, the greatest benefit of the ELANRA MK II. is its ability to modulate frequencies down to as low as lOHz for relaxation and the magical 7.83Hz, which is the Schumann Resonance - or the earth's own "brainwave".Dr Robert Beck, the father of Electro medicine, wrote in the Archaeous Volume 4 1986: "it has been speculated that frequencies in the 7.83Hz. range may be the universally permeating 'clock frequencies' or carriers on the which 'mind' or 'consciousness' states can be impressed and in which they may interact with other life forms in the nebulous realms of ESP, psychotronics, distant healing, radiesthesia and related paranormal phenomena". Elanra can be programmed to modulate frequencies to: 4hz - 7.83hz - 8.0hz - 10.0hz - 16.0 hz - 25hz - 32hz - 40hz

UNIQUE IN THE WORLD  No other ioniser on the market in the world combines the same componentry as the ELANRA MK II. Ninety five percent of other ionisers consist of a simple Voltage Multiplier Board. Another 5% incorporate a transformer as well as a Multiplier Board. Only the ELANRA MK II has a crystal controlled microprocessor circuit which reproduces nature's own ions.

DOUBLE EARTH The ELANRA MKII ionizer also includes a double earth to counteract poor electrical earthing. Ensuring perfect and safe operation anywhere in the world.

Tools for Wellness


BioEnergizer                 CES Brain Tuner             D.A.V.I.D. Paradise         Personal Electric Massager  

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BrainWave Generator

BrainWave Generator is a brain wave stimulation software that generates tones with binaural beats. Effects of brain wave stimulation range from relaxation and meditation to self-hypnosis and alleviation of headaches and migraines. BrainWave Generator works under all Windows operating systems requires a stereo-capable sound card. Click here

Variotherm Handheld Massager  

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The World of Chi Kung  (Qigong or Qi Gong)

  Click Here!   The Secrets of Chikung Therapy

How to activate your chakras...      How to increase your chakras energy......

Using chi energy to heal yourself and others.........  As a guidebook towards enlightenment and healing power...... 

Basic Chi Kung Training  Courses -  Advanced Chi Kung Training Course -

Special Long Distance Chakra Opening Session - SINAR AGUNG CHI KUNG Institute

Salt Lamp: Bio-Energetic Vibrations


  Natural Salt Lamps - Aroma & Candle - Bath Salt

Geometrical - Glass & Interactive - Hand Crafted Art



New Age Harmonics

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Music and Meditation

  • Astral travel , Remote View, Lucid Dream, Clairvoyance

  • Download , plug in and listen

  • Altered state of consciousness in 8 minutes 

  • Lifetime Guarantee

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Discover Your Intuition

 Discover powerful skills to Manifesting Your Deepest Desires. Create the life you long for.

Learn how to create what you really want with far less effort. Create more wealth, increased health, enhanced relationships and master one of the greatest challenges... finding inner peace.

Become a master by taking the easy road and enjoy creating the life You truly desire.
This is a work of art in helping you discover the Master that lies within you. You won't be disappointed. Click here

Experience Your Essence

Discover How To Manifest What You Really Want in Your Life - Easily and Effortlessly

The Essence Method
tm is a powerful tool in quieting your mind, and developing laser beam focus on what is most important to You in your life. This simple method will help you eliminate any fear or blocks you may have to reaching your goals and will teach you the skills required to effortlessly manifest. Discover the most powerful transformational skill today to increase your income, improve your health, feel more love in your life and reconnect with your Spirit.

Discover The Essence Method
tm and re-connect with the place deep within You that is serene and peaceful...
the place where pure creativity and passion are found. Click here to learn more

Currently for informational purposes only - Electromedicine

Convenient, Versatile, High-Quality Electromedicine

The Alpha-Stim 100 is not just another TENS device. It has a patented wave form that actually heals tissues as they are treated. It features versatile treatment modalities including probes, pads, and Cranial Electrical Stimulation for relief from chronic or acute pain, headaches and migraines, reduction of stress, anxiety and depression and.

The Alpha Stim is widely known for its incredible abilities to readjust the body to a normal, pain-free state, employing a current that evidence suggests is similar to that found in the body's own cellular structure. It has also shown superb results in studies of cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES). 

Improved Features, Design and Price
The Alpha Stim 100 is a major design advancement on previous, already excellent Alpha-Stim models, and its price is $100 less! Super easy-to-use controls allow one-button operation once settings are right, plus two additional frequency settings (1.5 Hz and 100 Hz) and the use of a probe for pain control. New, more precise intensity controls adjust the current from 10 to 600 microamperes. 

The 100, like the CS unit it replaces, is small, but the controls are simpler, clearer and easier. The unit can still be carried in a pocket or clipped to a belt, even while in use, and comes with a carrying case.
The 100 also has two channels, permitting two separate simultaneous sessions of CES and/or pain control, on one or two people. 

Proven Mental Performance Gains Plus Pain Relief Doctors who have prescribed the device, as well as patients and healthy people who have used it, have reported impressive effects, ranging from mild euphoria and heightened alertness to deep relaxation, enhanced concentration and memory, deeper sleep, alleviation of pain, and lasting feelings of well-being. Research confirms many of these benefits. 

 New, improved design 
 Proven effective in numerous studies 
 Portable, attractive and convenient 
 Unique waveform designed for maximum effectiveness 

The Alpha-Stim® 100 is distinct in that it is based on the concept that the biophysics underlying the body's chemistry also plays a significant role in regulating all of life's processes. Using waveforms at a level of current similar to the body's own, it bridges cellular communications reestablishing the normal electrical flow. Doctors in every discipline are taught that there are about 75 trillion cells in a human body, each having an electrical potential across its cell membrane, just like a battery. The Alpha-Stim's proprietary wave form works by moving electrons through the body at a variety of frequencies, collectively known as harmonic resonance. This insures the right frequency will be delivered to reestablish homeostasis within the affected bioelectrical system. The other frequencies pass harmlessly.

Technical Specs 
The Alpha Stim 100 outputs complex randomized biphasic DC nonsinousoidal modified square pulses of 0.5, 1.5 and 100 Hz, changing polarity at 0.4 second intervals. It operates in a full biological frequency spectrum, including a very brief spike to break skin  resistance. Adjustable from 10 to 600 microamperes at 9 volts. Timer settings are at 10, 20 and 60 minutes and continuous, plus a new "probe" setting-10 seconds on and 2 seconds off, for treating points. 5-year parts and labor warranty. 

  • Who can buy an Alpha-Stim®?

A licensed healthcare practitioner can buy an Alph-Stim directly by providing their state license number when ordering. An individual can purchase and Alpha-Stim with a prescription or order from a licensed healthcare practitioner. For pain an individual needs a prescription or order from a physician or a chiropractor. For stress, anxiety, depression or insomnia an individual needs a prescription or order which may include physicians, chiropractors, psychologists, licensed counselors, licensed social workers, etc. under the scope of their license.

  • Caution statement for United States:

Federal Law (USA only) restricts this device to sale by, or on the order of a licensed health care practitioner. Outside of the USA it is available world wide without a prescription but consultation with a qualified health care professional is recommended for difficult and unresponsive problems or when used in conjunction with pharmaceuticals or other therapeutic intervention.

Smart Tai Chi

  STRESSED OUT ?!? Tired all the time ? Join millions now enjoying the new health craze - TAI CHI. Research shows Tai Chi can slow aging, boost energy, reduce depression & anxiety, burn calories, and improve balance & performance. Easy! Gentle!

Get 10% off on a world acclaimed Tai Chi DVD/video program. ORDER NOW! TAI CHI, the world's fastest growing exercise. DVD by best selling author and Tai Chi health media source. Change your life TODAY !!

Introducing A Powerful Integrated System For Contacting Your Inner Wisdom


"How To Know Your Higher Self In 7 Steps" --  Click Here to Purchase

"I've been a true advocate and student of Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Deepak Chopra.  But "The 7 Golden Secrets" is a powerful and energetic course that will transform you and give you a better insight of the magic of life. Five stars out of five!"
Michael Berggren, Wiesbaden, Germany

Beyond Meditation

Download Meditation and Relaxation Software!



Energy Magic with Silvia Hartmann.
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I Cured My Arthritis   You Can Too!

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All-Natural Pain Relief And Cure For Arthritis Sufferers

"43-Year Arthritis Sufferer Shocks Her Doctors (Who Predicted She'd Soon Need A Wheelchair) By Curing Her Arthritis - Naturally - Without Expensive Medication Or Surgery!"

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