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Life Expression is all about Energy

Science, Energy and Conscious Evolution

Ongoing Media Coverage of Human Possibilities

".........extraordinary experiences - intense, overwhelming, indescribable
are recorded at every time in history, and in every place on the globe and are widespread in American society today. No one with any familiarity with history or anthropology or psychology can deny they occur. They are a form of "altered states of consciousness" - to use the current approved phrase - something like intoxication or delirium or a hypnotic trance but different in their intensity, their joyfulness and their 'lifting out' dimension. In some cases, such experiences were triggered by drugs, in others by ritual dances, in others by disciplined meditation; but most such 'ecstatic interludes' about which we have accounts seem to be purely spontaneous - a man casually walking by a tennis court is suddenly caught up in a wave of peace and joy 'as time stands still'. Andrew Greeley, New York Times

Exploring the utter simplicity of the basic laws or facts of nature


 Stress Management and Health quite naturally lead to Life, Health, Prosperity and Sustainability. We are considering a Pathfinding and Exploratory Online Newsletter to review the Lifestyles we are creating as they pertain to, and influence our Life, Health, Prosperity and Sustainability. Perhaps there are elements and criteria that are missing, or could be enhanced that would add to our enjoyment of Life, Health and Prosperity, as well as creating an ongoing legacy to our children and future generations.

In the quest for hidden 
and disappearing treasures

Fountain of Youth  Health & Well Being  Prosperiety & Wealth

Joy Happiness Liesure Fullfillment Adventure Self-Actualization, Sustainability

a lost energy perspective may be one of them

a lost energy perspective may be one of them

for individuals and world community

Current scientific disassociation of energy fundamentals (micro thru macro),  is tantamount to believing the trees continue to exist when the forest is destroyed - posing a lethal implication far worse than the Pentagon Report, or future Resource Wars, below.



A wholesome review of of the information and links provided below,

will conclusively show every aspect of human survival and evolution

to be dependant upon clean, cheap, de-centralized Energy Breakthrough.


       Published on Sunday, February 22, 2004 by the Observer/UK 

         Now the Pentagon Tells Bush:
     Climate Change Will Destroy Us
         Published on Sunday, February 22, 2004 by the Observer/UK
         Secret Report Warns of Rioting and Nuclear War;
         Threat to the World is Greater than Terrorism

         by Mark Townsend and Paul Harris in New York

        RESOURCE WARS: The New Landscape of Global Conflict


        Michael T. Klare, author of 'Resource Wars: The New Landscape of Global Conflict'

        and the forthcoming 'Petropolitics' (Metropolis Books, 2004) is a professor of peace

        and world security studies at Hampshire College in Amherst, Mass.

      A Joker's Blog

   on vanishing Illusions along the reality curve



    Holy Grail of the 21st Century

    British Aerospace, NASA and independent researchers worldwide are on a quest to understand the mysteries of hyperdimensional physics and unlock the secrets of antigravity.

    A Primer on the Role of Electromagnetic, Electrostatic and Torsion Fields in Antigravity and Field-Effect Propulsion

    Dr Eugene Podkletnov and the Hunt for Antigravity

    Dr Eugene Podkletnov, one of the foremost researchers in antigravity and whose work is sought by NASA, Boeing and British Aerospace (now known as BAE Systems), describes the hunt for antigravity as the greatest scientific quest of this century. He calls for an international effort, akin to the Manhattan Project that developed the atomic bomb, to conquer the secrets of antigravity and usher in a new era of scientific understanding whose technological development will be at a scale so vast that the potential outcomes are merely hinted at by our previous achievements. Just getting such a project off the ground will require unprecedented international cooperation, and public disclosure as well--the potentials are that vast, that scary, and that dangerous.

    The secrecy surrounding antigravity research is phenomenal. Boeing refuses to acknowledge publicly any activity in antigravity development despite the fact that its competitor and sometime subcontractor British Aerospace (BAE Systems) does--and has provided funds for four university research efforts as part of its Project Greenglow............................................... http://www.nexusmagazine.com/Antigravity.html

    Nexus Magazine, Volume 10, Number 6 (October-November 2003)
    PO Box 30, Mapleton Qld 4560 Australia. Web page at: www.nexusmagazine.com


  • A.R.E. Conference Events  http://www.are-cayce.com/index.asp

    REMOTE VIEWING - The ability to accurately describe persons, places, or events, information to which we do not ordinarily have access.

    Is it possible to win a horse race, or pick a winning stock, or solve a crime, find a hostage, or a sunken ship, the lost palace of a queen, or better understand your dreams using Remote Viewing? The answer to all of these questions is: Yes. Using the techniques taught at this conference you will learn the secrets of how it is done.

    THE GOLD STANDARD CONFERENCE - This is a unique opportunity to learn from the founding scientists of modern Remote Viewing research, including Hal Puthoff, Ingo Swann, Russell Targ, Stephan A. Schwartz, and James Spottiswoode. Add to that, the leading members of the military and government Remote Viewing programs for the CIA, the Navy, and the Army, including Major Paul Smith, U.S.A. (Ret.), Skip Atwater, and Dale Graff. Well-known consciousness teachers and leaders, including Charles Thomas Cayce and Henry Reed, are also presenting. This may be the only time you will be able to hear this extraordinary group, and get their instruction, in the modern mental martial art – Remote Viewing.

    This conference offers participants scientifically based, clear, simple instructions that can guide anyone through the Remote Viewing process. These instructions have been tested by hundreds of thousands of experiences over almost thirty years of laboratory research.

    At the personal level, Remote Viewing expands our definition of what it means to be human. It opens our view of the world to another dimension of the self, and adds to our store of knowledge as to how we as humans fit within our universe.

    Sample of remote view drawing and photograph

    POST CONFERENCE SEMINAR - Atlantic University will sponsor a two day, post-conference seminar "for credit" on Remote Viewing to be taught by Stephan A. Schwartz and Mark Thurston. Beginning at 3 PM October 30, picking up the conference and running through noon on November 4, it will expand on the points raised during the conference, and allow for close personal instruction and participation.


  • Department of Defense and Military Intelligence Utilizing Remote Viewing?

    PSI TECH, Inc. is home to the breakthrough skill of Technical Remote Viewing (TRV.) Originally developed for and utilized by The Department Of Defense for intelligence collection purposes, Technical Remote Viewing is the trained ability to acquire accurate direct knowledge of things and events — targets — distant in time or space, in the past, present, or future, while conscious awareness remains totally “blind” to details about the target itself. TRV is a highly structured and standardized data collection skill. Like any other skill, practice is required to become proficient. http://www.trv-psitech.com/

    Since 1989, when PSI TECH ushered the remote viewing technology out of the confines of military intelligence, PSI TECH has been the world leader in developing, testing, and refining Technical Remote Viewing training programs for our students. PSI TECH pioneered commercial remote viewing services and was the first company offer remote viewing training. We also pioneered the world's first remote viewing distance learning programs, which in the last decade spawned an entire industry.

  • The PsychoSpiritual Research Institute Homepage

    Changes In Cognitive Structure Associated With Experiences Of Spiritual Transformation: This is Dr. Gaynor's research study and Ph.D. dissertation exploring the ways in which thought, feeling, behavior and expectation change in association with experiences of spiritual transformation.  http://www.psychospiritualresearchinstitute.com/researchcenter/research.htm

  • Highlighting ZPE - Zero Point Emotions to Zero Point Energy - relating energy to emotions at a sub-level of commonality in the frequency domain (see additional comments at bottom).

    Telekinesis: from off the Movie Screen to Reality? Press Release
    For Immediate Release   http://jamesaconrad.tripod.com/TKpress-release-Aug4-03.html
    After over twenty years of research, the film industry author and paraphysics researcher has discovered and released a scientific equation for the paranormal ability known as telekinesis. This is the first time in history that an actual equation, or formula, has ever been offered by a researcher to mainstream skeptical science for any alleged paranormal power. Conrad believes that some people have a genetic gift or tendency to be able to generate a higher level of cerebral energy that can be released outward from the brain once a mental triggering technique is learned, what he calls "zero point emotions."
    The idea of energy, other than thermal energy, traveling outward from the human head into the air is no longer the stuff of science fiction. In 1997, an advancement in cerebral energy physics (a term Conrad coined) occurred when the Japanese Yokogawa Electric Corporation announced the invention of the MEG machine, a multimillion dollar brain-energy emissions detector for medical use that can scan the head region of a person—without making physical contact—for very low levels of magnetic field energy that normally projects from the brain and skull of everyone into the open air surrounding the head.
    That breakthrough invention, observers say, provided the first mainstream scientific evidence, a crack in the proverbial "Twilight Zone" door, that witnesses' claims over the years about objects moving in front of them due to some unseen human energy projection might actually have some foundation in truth. Telekinesis could be, as Conrad contends, "an emerging natural evolutionary trait in humans and not a supernatural one."
    Conrad's Human Telekinesis Equation, also known as the Conrad Telekinesis Formula, is 

    TK = CFe +VC +ZPE -SD - E+.

    Fuller explanations for the various symbols can be found on his website (http://jamesaconrad.com), but simply put, TK = Telekinesis; + CFe = sufficient Cerebro Iron; + VC = direct Visual Contact; +ZPE = Zero Point Emotions; - SD = no Sleep Deprivation; and - E+ = no excess Vitamin E. The World Health Organization estimates that up to 80% of the world's population may be iron deficient and considers it the number one nutritional disorder in the world; in fact, "a public health condition of epidemic proportions."

    Extra sensory perception/telekinesis are but normal under-developed modes of expression. All motor and sensory functions of the body are electrical in nature. The entire nervous system of the body is, in fact, a mass of exceedingly complex electrical circuitry. Continuing studies show that almost every function which can be performed by any electrical or electronic circuit is going on somewhere in the human body. As we begin unraveling the nature of ZPE and begin questioning with common sense where did all that time and space go at zero point, we will be on the road to: "Our greatest need is to discover the utter simplicity of the basic laws or facts of nature." Infinite Possibilities then become available with priority number one, the outdated and polluting energy base can be replaced.  Evolutionary Change and Conscious Evolution are more than verbal toys - they are required survival tools. http://www.fuel2000.net 


  • Savant for a Day, The New York Times, 6/22/03   http://www.nytimes.com/2003/06/22/magazine/22SAVANT.html?pagewanted=4  Transcranial magnetic stimulation -  TMS has been used dozens of times on university students, measuring its effect on their ability to draw, to proofread and to perform difficult mathematical functions like identifying prime numbers by sight. Hooked up to the machine, 40 percent of test subjects exhibited extraordinary, and newfound, mental skills .....................................................................

         The Evolutionary War http://www.hhmi.org/bulletin/sept2002/evolution/index.html

    Efforts to undermine evolution education-most recently in the form of a concept called "intelligent design"-have evolved into a 21st-century marketing campaign that relies on legal acumen, manipulation of scientific literature and grassroots tactics.

    You can read the entire text of this story, "The Evolutionary War," an article in the fall issue of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute's quarterly magazine, HHMI Bulletin at the link below.

    Additional information:

    Howard Hughes Medical Institute


  • Nurturome I,Vs. Genome: Breakthroughs

    Genetic magic is touted over responsible, loving behavior.  We escape into the magic of genetic engineering and sci-technics, bury our heads in the matter of DNA and high-tech toys; while overall human sufferings and inequities continue to increase, along with looming mega-scurges, apocalypse, and human decimation. http://www.nurturome.com/pages/1/index.htm

    The material, organism's organismicity (bio-system) evolves in union with social-spiritual being's organismicity. Genome and Nurturome are married couple in social Life's evolution; each responding to, and making selections from, each other. Life without this marriage remains in the reptilian state, mind, consciousness, and being. Giant reptiles once ruled the Earth. And do again, now, in the form of Materialism's reptilian reign over social-spiritual human being. Is Modern science ready to shed its armored plates and artificial perception, systems, and knowledge? Or will Living Nature, this time aided by her human nature, spirit, and being--  reborn through nurturome recovery-- again end the reptilian reign over her higher life forms? ..............................................................................

  •  Science and Human Transformation: Subtle Energies, Intentionality and Consciousness 

      Dr. Tiller tackles an amazingly broad range of phenomena from the outset. Like KepIer who unified an incredible amount of seemingly chaotic and unrelated data into a number of simple but beautiful and powerful principles. Dr. Tiller also brings an aesthetic harmonious sense of wholeness and simplification, but not trivialization, to a vast array of seemingly disparate facts. If Dr. Tiller has not yet mapped the unknown terrain, he has provided us with some new navigational principles in the form of a number of startlingly innovative models and an elegant mathematical transform, which may guide us on our journey into the unknown. From antennas to acupuncture, psychic phenomena to dowsing, the heart to holographic theory, subtle energies to energy medicine, Tiller dives deep beneath superficial differences and finds unity in diverse phenomena.

    Conscious Acts of Creation is the name of a new book by Professor William Tiller--and it means what it says. In a style quite clear, yet interspersed with formulae to reflect the diligent and strict academic standards of his work, Conscious Acts of Creation demonstrates how the energies of Mind and Intention are actually imprinted on the environment. This discovery heralds a new day in our advancing civilization, and evolution, and understanding of both world and universe. No longer can we cling to the belief that there is research that can be called "objective." Mind is always at work, shaping, influencing, creating. (Maurie D. Pressman, M.D. is the author of Enter the Supermind, Visions From the Soul and co-author (with Patricia Joudry) of Twin Souls: A Guide to Finding Your True Spiritual Partner. Dr. Pressman is Emeritus Chairman of Psychiatry at the Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia and Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Temple University Health Sciences Center. He is Medical Director at the Center for Psychiatric Wellness, clinics that operate in Philadelphia and Haddonfield, N.J. These clinics bridge traditional and spiritual psychotherapy.)      ..........................................................................................................................................................

  • Mutual Core Roots of Worldwide Religions and Metaphysics




    Revisiting The Nature of Power - Corporations and our Energy base - You can Run but you cannot Hide. 


    Evolutionary Change and Conscious Evolution are more than verbal toys.



    World Watch Preview - A Power Point Slide Show   Issues & Solutions PPS Slide show          A Power Point Slide Show allow macros >1 min dl time DSL - click slides for next -  - keep mouse pointer out of flash box -

    Clean Unlimited Energy Solutions AND a link to a Curve of Development?


  • Evolutionary Energy Upgrades and Evolutionary Human 'Upgrades',

     Linked by Science? Critical Criteria to Civilization Survival? 

    Is there a Physiological and Psychological 'Curve of Development' with direct ties to a radius of curvature being unraveled at the E=MC2 relativity/quantum level?

    Does Survival and Sustainability of Civilization link to identifiable Evolutionary Criteria? Can Stunted Growth in both science and human evolutionary trends cripple societies and lead to early Demise? Can mal-adaptive behaviors, as power and greed, resulting in massive poverty, starvation and the exploding economic divide worldwide, assist evolution? Can self-actualization needs prevail for a required majority, when a clear majority within populations are deprived of survival needs? Can critical New Energy systems both alleviate poverty and bring common sense recognition to well-adaptive behavior refinements necessary for prosperity, sustainability, AND SURVIVAL IN GLOBAL GROUP MODE? The new "conflict resolution" tool, bombing, does not speak well for the advancement of science, nor of evolutionary progress.

    Are the Roots of Religion, a Scientific and Psychological Survival Manual?

    Are the 'hidden variables' in physics, natural or man-made? (some answers in "Revisiting the Nature of Power article and link below)


  • Community Evolution? 10/6/03 Slum growth 'shames the world' The number of people living out their days in the squalor of a slum is almost one billion, the United Nations says - one-sixth of the world's population.


    State of the World 2002: Special World Summit Edition
    Thursday, 10 January 2002
    (click here)

    Washington, DC - The world needs a global war on poverty and environmental degradation that is as aggressive and well funded as the war on terrorism, reports State of the World 2002, which was released today by the Worldwatch Institute, a Washington D.C.-based research organization

Views and Comments

  • Thought for the immediate Future: My self-improvement, joy, happiness, relaxation, health, wellness, and freedom of expression cannot be isolated from the "State of the World" that I assist in Co-Creating Via the Group Mode  - A Blinding Recognition of "The One & the Many" axiom, which can be perceived in Time, or Too Late, as history, and our current path demonstrate EagleHawkVision, Oregon
  • The pathetic opposition by the dinosaur stooges stuck in Milgram's "obedience model" will appear all the more comical on a grand cosmic scale as the "curve of illusion", symbolized by the Sine Wave, mathematically destroys the delusions of misinterpretation between contemporary mathematics and sensory observations. For thousands of years the Radius of Curvature of All Natural Law, symbolized by the above symbol, has beckoned DeCatalyst, New Mexico

  • Hidden variables in physics, natural or man-made? I would presume nature certainly aids in keeping the 'hidden variables' hidden through that all inclusive (and illusive) curvature of natural law - depending upon one's capacity for moving from a point of view towards a viewing point and the boundary limitations of that viewing point. Any number of observations, if made on a sufficiently limited scale, tends to indicate the world is flat. the_joker_of_illusions Florida


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