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Surviving the Future


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 Focusing on a lifestyle of unlimited abundance (disolving the need for war and terror all the time),

By showing that "less is more" extends way, way, beyond the literal sense when dealing with new energy systems and the non-ending abundance of creation and transmutation.

The Curve of Development - coming

to Nowhere?

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From Simple Atoms to Galaxies & Understanding

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 Simple concepts permit grade school level education to access, by effortless extrapolation, PhD rank of science, math.....and beyond. The missing "hidden variables" surface to visual and perceptual understanding, and physical 'energy-space-time' limitations are revealed, paving the road to unlimited prosperity.

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The Future of the Body

Explorations Into the Further Evolution of Human Nature,  by Michael Murphy, Co-founder of Esalen Institute


A Sine Wave Radius of Curvature of all Natural Law

E-book below unravels this mathematical Curve of Illusion perpetuating delusion of short sighted scientific fundamentals and the necessity to move toward Macro Integration & Understanding

Distance-Time Barrier Dissolving

Self-evident, it is a smaller world today because physical size has been substituted by speed. The obstacles of great distances and vast time appear to diminish before our very eyes. More precisely, space-time and position are increasingly being substituted by greater energy differentials of velocity and acceleration. The multidimensional question surfaces, can this same effect be created by factors other than velocity? What role may varying degrees of frequencies and fields play in transmuting space, time? In providing access to available energy capacities through gravitational mass differentials?






A macro journey through space, time, mass, matter, energy, & fields (fields: gravitational, electrical, magnetic)


Free Online E-Book PDF Format

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Chapters 1-6 completed; remaining chapters in progress

   If you find these chapters useful, and wish to support its completion, along with related works requiring updating, revision and integration with current contemporary scientific research, please donate

The Field 

A current summary of extraordinary evidence - Lynne McTaggart (Author) .........."These scientific discoveries are pointing to a unifying concept of the universe, one that reconciles mind with matter, classic Newtonian science with quantum physics and, most importantly, science with religion. At issue is the zero point field, the so-called "dead space" of microscopic vibrations in outer space as well as within and between physical objects on earth. These fields are a "cobweb of energy exchange" that link everything in the universe; they control everything from cellular communication to the workings of the mind, and they could be harnessed for unlimited propulsion fuel, levitation, ESP, spiritual healing and more. Pointing toward a radical new biological paradigm — that on our most fundamental level, the human mind and body are not distinct and separate from their environment, but a bundle of pulsating power constantly interacting with this vast energy sea. Here, in so-called dead space, may lay the key to many of life's processes, from how cells communicate to how organisms actually take shape. The Field is responsible for our mind's highest functions — our memory, intuition, and creativity. It is the force that finally determines whether we are healthy or ill, the force that must be tapped in order to heal. Something ancient myth and religion has always espoused: that there may be such a thing as a life force."



Bubbles of Perception explores the limits of human perception and how those limits affect our concepts of knowledge and logic

Tai Chi & Qi Gong


Bridging Science and Spirit
by Norman Friedman

Common elements in David Bohm's physics, the perennial philosophy and Seth

The Self-Aware Universe: How Consciousness Creates the Material World by Maggie Goswami, Richard E. Reed, Amit Goswami (Contributor), Fred Alan Wolf


Conscious Acts of Creation:  The Emergence of a New Physics  William A. Tiller, Ph.D. [Professor Emeritus, Stanford University, Stanford CA 94305]

Once again, the establishment science of the day strongly resisted the new concepts but, after about three decades of serious struggle, the new fields of quantum mechanics and relativistic mechanics had become strong enough and integrated enough to be begrudgingly accepted by the scientific community as a serious part of nature’s expression.  By the end of the 20th century a new physics paradigm was in full acceptance and quantum/relativistic mechanics is the entrenched paradigm of today.

 nature always has richer modes of expression than our models and paradigmatic approximations to nature circumscribe.

            From the foregoing, one should deduce that nature always has richer modes of expression than our models and paradigmatic approximations to nature circumscribe.  We should also deduce that it is reproducible experimental data generated via a well-defined protocol, which is inconsistent with any prevailing paradigm, that heralds a need for expansion of that particular world view into a new paradigm.   Finally, we should also deduce that the process of change from one paradigm to its replacement does not occur easily and quickly because entrenched mindsets causes humans to reject what they  don’t  understand (from their viewpoint) even in the face of abundant experimental data.  It is seen to be psychologically easier to reject the existence/validity of such data than to go through the difficult process of changing “hardwired” mental patterns concerning reality.

psychologically easier to reject the existence/validity of such data than to go through the difficult process of changing “hardwired” mental patterns concerning reality.



The Big Bang Verses the Big Blink: "Science, as it presently mandates its perimeters, cannot cope with metaphysical's essential timeless and spaceless characteristics...and so has labeled metaphysics as the occult in much the same way that the Church labeled Copernicus a heretic", writes Barbara Dewey.

StarSteps concurs, requiring no change in contemporary math or scientific theory, but one - that of perceptual and mathematical extensions of space, time, mass, matter, energy, gravity - extension both in macro and micro directions. Then like fractals, and chaos theory, a larger viewing point reveals itself, blending science and metaphysics, destroying limitations of the speed of light, gravitational  disability, and shedding light to the frontiers of mind/body medicine.    

Some  Groundwork Explorations





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