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A  Challenge to New Energy Application

Time to Build, Demonstrate

 Apply New Clean Energy Systems

The Hydrogen Economy

 and Field Propulsion

Which Will Usher in a

Developmental Spectrum of

Human Evolution and

Human Potential for All


*A neutral worldwide organization with a twofold focus:

* a research center bringing all concepts and prototypes together

* with public issue #1 - demanding freedom of information


  • a major Resort like setting (Hyatt comparable), demonstrating Human Potential, Sustainability, Prosperity and Health. From survival schools, true leadership training, to peak performance, yoga, Aikido, Tai Chi and Chi Kung; from stress management to meditation, centering, balance and restricted environmental stimulation tools; from conferences to workshops with an ongoing task force demonstrating and developing new educational constructs and putting the missing pieces of education and human legacy back together

  • foremost and priority, an ongoing research center - R&D, with sample displays and demonstration prototypes of New Energy Technology's evolvement worldwide  all grounds, pools, buildings and  vehicles, would be designed totally energy independent, CLEAN and QUIET, demonstrating advanced technology in practical application.

  • Funding incentives and payback could be offered from an immediate breakthrough in the energy sector, Hydrogen from water on a costless scale and volume unmatched to date - with Field Propulsion to follow six months to a year.  The economics here would make Bill Gates appear poor. This is not a single minded task, nor for the faint hearted.


  • The fragile foundation of relativity, electromagnetism, and quantum mechanics has been exposed. A concerted effort is needed to sift through the rubble and create a unified perspective, a unified theory that will propel the R&D,  engineering and application


  • A good organizer could possibly get the agenda for supporting a unified R&D effort - as a common link with most major clean energy & environmental organizations (Sierra, National Wildlife, etc) - even the Rotary Club, that is beginning to endorse a Pollution Free Planet and support Roy McAllister at AHA American Hydrogen Association. With predatory energy prices and shortage crisis, membership draw to each individually established organization could be considerable as they focused on a mutual goal  “A CENTER FOR ENERGY, EDUCATION, RESEARCH- whose end result would assist attaining many of their individual objectives.

The Way has always been there. The will is another question. The energy breakthroughs will shake the very foundations of erroneous beliefs – that are threatening our future anyway.  The money/power association to the new energy sector, requires an innovative organization of a NASA capacity, to insure appropriate use - totally open to the Public with wide open Media coverage - 

Totally open to the Public with wide open Media coverage - 

Explore with us the adventures of the 21st century

Fuel 2000: 


A world exploding in human population growth cannot possibly be in an economic downturn, unless (see our newsletter DeCatalystIONS Newsletter)



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The Center for Energy Education Research criteria proposal, is a not-for-profit advanced physics research and development organization dedicated to pioneering breakthrough technologies for 21st century life.

 After decades of theoretical and experimental physics research, parts of which I've had the honor to help sponsor over the past thirty years, scientists around the country are converging to help catalyze a sustainable and unlimited future for all life on Earth.

 And now, I am asking for your help in this mission.

 After several years and millions of dollars invested in preparatory work, scientists in several research institutions across the United States are coming together.

 Significant discoveries in both the physical and mental sciences have been made and rediscovered within the past 40 years, discoveries of great significance to the future of life on Earth. Far more remain top secret and classified.

Yet there remains a critical visual Obstacle, creating awesome errors of energy differential miss-interpretations across macro-micro scales, largely due to inappropriate and non-equivalent units of measurement used to represent space, time, mass, matter, energy and field quantities. (See StarSteps link – book in progress on Fuel 2000 home page)

 Revelation and clarification of the RADIUS OF CURVATURE impact upon appropriate and equivalent units of measurement in our theoretical models and equations would permit the farmer and layman to Understand and apply the highest concepts and relationships of our current sciences and extend far beyond current science’s limited frame of reference.     

 Explore with me a hypothetical future.

 Imagine breakthroughs in energy generation:

       Ø       Fuel cell electricity from water at no cost

Ø       Propulsion systems with no fuel, cost, or waste

Ø       Medical cures without surgery or chemicals and drugs

 Imagine limitless conversion of seawater to fresh water by 2015. Imagine that by 2025 we no longer need an electricity grid. Imagine a pollution-free atmosphere by 2030. Imagine a permanent end to the growing snarls of freeway traffic by 2040. Imagine a society which recognizes a human right to move about as freely as the goods of its economy -- across any border, any time; imagine a rat race turned human, free of cancerous and blocked  bloodline circulation system – where all can get a ‘Living Wage’ and children no longer starve to death; or a reusable transportation vehicle that can take you into Space, driven by a field of force rather than ejection of propellant. Finally imagine green deserts with a vibrant society of human and natural life.

 This portrays precisely the kind of future emerging from the implications of some of the best physics research underway in the world today. Several groups of talented scientists and engineers have began quiet collaboration a few years ago

 This mission isn't about an IPO. Although IPO’s will license from us and support our growth and the growth of our partner associations - whose primary goals will extend beyond sustainability, to ever greater quality of life for all. Sharing with the world tools that could reverse environmental decline, end starvation and poverty, and make wars a horror of the past will enable a renewal of human civilization, and Nature as a whole.

 The Center for Energy Education Research will therefore truly be a public enterprise, and if we're successful, the proceeds yielded from technologies sponsored by the Center will be given back to humanity through our partner associations. As a not-for-profit 501(c)3, our success in these missions will be dependent upon the support of visionary institutional partners and individuals. People like you.

On behalf of a rare and talented network of highly credentialed and rigorous scientists, engineers that will be joining us, I invite you to join with us to form the Center for Energy Education Research, in a historic attempt to:

Ø       breakthrough the speed of light limit to transportation

Ø       breakthrough the gravitation disability (one pole one leg – ALL FIELDS HAVE TWO POLES),

Ø       DECENTRALIZE THE ENERGY STRANGLEHOLD, by revealing and providing a clean, cheap, unlimited energy system available to all – hydrogen derived from water utilizing a simple field concept.

 I cannot imagine a better way for the physics of the 21st century to be pioneered.