Revisiting The Nature of Power - Corporations and our Energy base -



As the world is witnessing, Power’s two connected domains, psychological and physical expressions (i.e., our outmoded energy base and ill defined corporate design),  are rearing their ugly heads of destruction in every sector of our lives, for want of, lack of, evolutionary change.


Power in itself is neither ‘good’ nor ‘bad’. Stress placed on power, squeezing, pressurizing power, as in the major obstacle, the brick wall of resistance to change,  reverses Power’s direction from Creation to Self-destruction, like a stagnant pool of water where all life dies.


Disregarding the implication of a Unified Field Theory, namely Power’s unified source, the two divisions of POWER, physical and psychological, are readily perceived.  In a nutshell………..


On the Energy issue… 

Oil and Nuclear, the majors in energy and power generation/consumption, the dying dinosaurs, lie on the physical stagnant side of Power: (Oil by depleted resources, nuclear by shortsighted, non-recognition of ‘hidden variables’).

CFR  Electrogravitics

Dormant new energy systems are sitting idle, many over 50 years in suppression - fundamental simple scientific principles kept in a top secrete closet; fundamental principles required for survival in evolving civilizations; fundamental scientific principles that tie in science, psychology, metaphysics, and the core threads of worldwide religious principles; fundamental missing principles recognized as the 'Hidden Variables'; fundamental principles that would bring about clean cheap unlimited energy sources for everyone, decentralized; fundamental principles that would scientifically reveal an evolutionary nature of 'human' beyond Maslov's survival/self actualization needs.......................fundamental principles clearly presenting 'stages' of evolving behavior patterns, blatantly exposing the case that if "Conflict Resolution" devolves to the KILL stage, something terrible is going Bass Ackwards. FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES THAT EXTEND CURRENT SCIENCE AND MATH TOWARD SIMPLE UNDERSTANDING. What EVIL would hide these fundamentals?


THE BROOKINGS REPORT: Withholding of certain information from the public is necessary to prevent 'social disintegration'. Today, relinquishing suppression of certain simple, scientific, fundamentals connecting quantum and relativity, threaten governments and multinational corporations more than the general public - an erosion of the power structure.

The Possible Human, Evolutionary or Stagnant, the Evolution of Human Nature, is to be avoided at all costs in psychological, religious, philosophical and scientific studies. The Evolution of Energy Systems to Field Propulsion must also be avoided at all costs. The two connect through sharing equivalent Energy/Frequency principles of Expression!

They are not compatible in the present paradigm ruled by secrecy, scarcity and "I win, you lose" exclusive versus inclusive, systems.  



On the Corporate issue…

Corporations, the majors, lie on the psychological, ego side of Power:  possessing absolute control, influence, behavior and reality shaping, intricately tied in to the economics of Life Support, with the masses flag freaking to their bread and butter, throwing values to the wind, ignoring right and wrong. – for Not in Our Name, is still done in Our Name – demoting the Pope, the United Nations, the Security Council, ignoring International Law, Religious leaders, smearing the European Union, selling Iraq to the highest bidder without the peoples' consent, with the value of life, even one kid’s arms and legs blown off for a Lifetime, no more consideration than a Hollywood script.


Onward the capitalist machine marches, as it grinds down the vast majority of citizens, plunders our environment, ignores treaty obligations and ignores the problems of the inner cities . Inside the country, economic and social bad news multiply with a joint relentlessness, The public education system is in crisis and health insurance for 50 million Americans simply does not exist. The unemployment rates in the US mount inexorably, as more jobs are lost every day.

Capitalism as an Imperialist 'tool' Neoimperialism: Skimming the Cream Chapter 1 of Against Empire by Michael Parenti. Michael Parenti received his Ph.D. in political science from Yale University in 1962

Human servants, kneel and subjugate yourselves to the New Lords

Non-Living Corporate Entities - beyond Law - of the Universe.



"Corporism: The Systemic Disease that Destroys Civilization."
Huge corporations now control America's body politic by reason of their bald-faced purchases of the three branches of the American government and America's major media. by Ken Reiner:

05/09/03: I view the continuing growth of corporate power and its despotic control of governments throughout the world, including our own, as a socio-economic disease. While Mussolini and others named it "Fascism," I call it "Corporism" because that name better reveals its underlying institutional structure. I would define Corporism as the domination of government and society by the emergence and power of the giant publicly-traded multinational corporations and financial institutions, organized in totalitarian hierarchies, which singly and in combinations buy or destroy their competitors, corrupt the politics of nations, and seize, hoard, and wield for themselves most of the wealth of the human race.

We must recognize that we do have this cancerous disease, what it is doing to us and the world we live in, how it came about historically, and how and why it continues to be generated and sustained now in our society. Just as computer viruses find their ways into the software of our computers and destroy their operation, Corporism, promulgating itself by financial, legal, and technological means, has infected society in ways that lead to the hoarding of human resources, increasing insecurity and misery for the bulk of the world's population, perhaps even to worldwide holocaust. We must conquer this disease if we are to survive.

Abolish Corporate Personhood Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF)

Concerned about the rapid escalation of corporate power in the US and around the world, three years ago members of the US section of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) began studying and researching how corporations became so powerful. We discovered the hidden history of "corporate personhood" - the legal phenomenon that provides constitutional protections to corporations. Not only is corporate personhood a key component of corporate power, it's one of the greatest threats to democracy that we've ever known. Most people, however, have never even heard of it. In September, 2001 WILPF launched a campaign to abolish corporate personhood that has as its goal to delegitimize the institution of the corporation as a political entity.

Ralph Nader, founder: I am responsible for my actions, but who is responsible for those of General Motors? An individual's capital is basically his integrity. He can lose only once. A corporation can lose many times, and not be affected. This unequal contest between the individual and any complex organization, whether it is a corporation, a union, government, or other group, is something which bears the closest scrutiny in order to try to protect the individual from such invasions."

Corporate Responsibility "The requirement of a just social order is that the responsibility shall lie where the power of decision rests. But the law has never caught up with the development of the large corporate unit. Deliberate acts emanate from the sprawling and indeterminable shelter of the corporate organization. Too often the responsibility for an act is not imputable to those whose decision enable it to be set in motion. People sitting in executive suites can make remote decisions which will someday result in tremendous carnage, and because they are remote in time and space between their decision and the consequences of that decision, there is no accountability."

On Extraordinary Corporate Power "In our country, the large corporations are the dominant institution. They comprise the strongest, consistent, generic power in the land. They share a high degree of coordinated values. Their power is all the more remarkable in its resiliency and ability to accommodate or absorb other challenging power centers such as big government and organized labor in ways that turn an additional profit, erect an additional privilege, or acquire protective mechanisms to ward off new pressures for change or reform."

Corporate Collectivism Leads Toward Ecological Disaster "The absence of political vigilance by the organs of Government toward the onrush of corporate collectivism, with the exception of a few aborted Senate inquiries, is fraught with danger to a democratic society. This is the case, no matter how affluent that society has become in the aggregate, because of the gaping injustices affecting minority groups and majority public services. Indeed, the very productiveness of our economic system, a chief referent for corporate apologists, has led, through incaution and indifference, to vast new problems, centering, for example, on the pell-mell contamination of soil, air, and water that is taking us toward ecological disaster."

Paul Hawken: Natural Capitalism
By almost any measure, multinational corporations have failed spectacularly on their promise of fostering global democracy and prosperity. That’s why people all across the planet—from villagers in India to students in North America—are stepping up to challenge the abuses of big business. While corporate power is deeply entrenched, this new economic democracy movement is fueled by a fresh set of strategies about how people can regain power. —The Editors

"All Publicly held corporations live a lie. They believe that we reside in a world where capital has the right to grow and that that right is a higher right than the rights of people to their culture and what we hold in common. There is something incalculably wrong with this view. You can't get to sustainability from an economic model that strives first and foremost to increase the amount of money large corporations have. You can't get there if you're destroying the world's local economies. You can't get there if you are MacDonald's and spend $2 billion a year to get children to eat your junk food. We cannot correct environmental problems if we don't correct the assumptions that cause them. Most of the world's economy and the behavior of the world's government are under the control of corporations. Corporations are striving to increase their control; at the same time, the world is increasingly out of control. There is a direct connection."

"...there are definitely things that transnational corporations can do to help society and environment. They can:
Get out of schools.
Get out of our stomachs.
Get out of our government.
Get out of our rivers, oceans, and forests.
Get out of our skies and soils.
Get out of our seeds and the human genome."

By William Rivers Pitt > t r u t h o u t | Perspective > Friday 21 February 2003

It sounded like two behemoth icebergs colliding in the North Atlantic, but you needed the right kind of ears to hear it. Two immensely powerful forces crashed into each other over the weekend of February 15th, and the resulting thunder has set the world to trembling.

On one side were the people, who took to the streets all across the world by the tens of millions to stand against George W. Bush's push for pre-emptive war on Iraq. The numbers, and the locations, were staggering.

The weekend of February 15th saw this force ram headlong into the will of men who walk in shadow, whose hands wield lightning and steel, pestilence and famine. In their ranks stand Presidents, Prime Ministers, corporate magnates, untouchable billionaires, and the advisors who whisper to them of empire and domination. They are few in number, but life and death flows from their fingertips in freshets and gouts. These men control the armies and navies of great nations, nuclear and chemical nightmares beyond measure, unassailable technological weapons and walls, the financial cords which hold the package together, the water, the air, the oil, the law, and a global media machine by which they can obscure their designs with pleasing lies.

No mere citizen could do what these men in one moment can do with the crooking of a little finger. With a word, they can erase cities, deprive an entire populace of water and light, unleash disease and famine, annihilate the economies of dozens of nations, and imprison forever anyone who dares dissent. These men bleed, they sicken, they die, but in their time of life they can punch holes in the sky large enough to make Zeus wince with envy. Like the millions who marched, the gathering of such fearful powers into the hands of so few is also without precedent in all of human history.
 Income Distribution

Concept of FREEDOM? - "all have the 'OPPORTUNITY'- but only 5% enjoy freedom"

The L-Curve By David Chandler - The income distribution of the United States

Partial Graph of the U.S. Income Distribution. The graph represents the population of the United States lined up, left to right, according to income. The height of the graph at any point is the height of a stack of $100 bills equaling that person's income.

Partial Graph of the U.S. Income Distribution. This is a continuation of the previous graph. On the scale of this picture each pixel (dot) represents 250 meters (273 yards), so the football field is invisible. The height of the vertical spike varies from year to year. The height shown represents the increase in Bill Gates' net worth in his best year ($50 billion).

  • I.B.M. Explores Shift of White-Collar Jobs Overseas
  • Vacation Deprivation Americans Get Short-Changed When It Comes to Holiday Time
  • No More Overtime Pay?
  • ....and so on ..

Is the above the meaning of the U.S. Constitution? OPINIONS DIFFER


Do you think the country today is what our forefathers had in mind when they fought for independence more than 200 years ago?
Yes. 10%
No. They'd be disappointed with the country today. 69%
No. It's better than they could have imagined. 18%
No opinion. 1%


Natural Capitalism , Ralph Nader, David Korten et al, on 'abolishing corporate personhood', establishing common sense, scientifically supported 'corporate codes of conduct', are well in their initial stages of formation. They require, demand consolidated support. 



  • Energy Upgrades
  • Corporate Codes of Conduct
  • Abolishing Corporate Personhood
  • Natural Capitalism

The resulting surprise will come from the revelation of staggering profits and growth when ‘supporting the Human Condition’ becomes priority one.

(suggested review of world percentage of deprivation and the exploding economic divide)



Back to the Energy issue….

Supporting political candidates that focus on freedom in science, energy, education (i.e., free from the shackles and likes of honest Kenneth Lay/Enron influences, dominating educational direction, university research, etc.) is a necessary but insufficient condition, of itself. PUBLICLY REVEALING WHAT IS HIDING IN THE HIDDEN ARCHIVES, topped with actual scientific prototype demonstrations - is the only way to garner sufficient support from the masses (i.e., I won't believe it till I see it....ahaa, I see!) and overcome the belief that science and engineering for clean, cheap energy, both the hydrogen economy (hydrogen from water) and field propulsion...... could possibly have been suppressed since the 1960's .....a concept so outrageous that most IGNORE it completely .......regardless of the mountain of corporate lies, price-gouging, theft, ....regardless that the previous administration redefined sex and deleted certain acts from the sex definition ....regardless that currently we are redefining what a lie is.............


John Taylor Gotto New York teacher of the Year writes "Dumbing Us Down"......Being dumbed down is beginning to appear very unhealthy for survival.


While Dennis J. Kucinich does support clean Energy and Sustainability

Statement of Congressman Dennis Kucinich - On the 32nd Anniversary of Earth Day

 Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) a member of the Government Reform Subcommittee on Energy Policy, Natural Resources and Regulatory Affairs released this statement on the 32nd anniversary of Earth Day.

Earth Day is a time for Americans to reflect on the urgent necessity of worldwide cooperation to protect our global environment. All peoples of the world must demand that their governments become signatories to a global climate change treaty. This treaty will begin to lower levels of greenhouse gases, which are right now threatening the environment and the health of people around the world and the stability of global climate. Even the ability of nations to sustain their agriculture, to control floods and to be able to respond to emergencies is threatened............

US Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich - United Nations World Summit on Sustainable Development
Parliamentarians for Global Action - Johannesburg, South Africa - Thursday, August 29, 2002
Global Action to Sustain People ......................The focus to demand, reveal, do the research, publicly present the hushed unbelieved whispers of scientific secrecy and suppressed fundamental energy concepts and demonstration prototypes is missing.

And, unfortunately, corporate change will not occur, unless simultaneously, we upgrade our physical energy base and energy systems to the long sought, almost free Hydrogen Economy and Field Propulsion....DECENTRALIZATION OF ENERGY SYSTEMS, the physical deterrant to totalitarian hierarchies.

"Only Hardball Science will be the Final Path to Peace & Prosperity Without Violence & WWIII" - a hardball science which dissolves into simple Understanding of the most complex scientific issues with revelation of critical 'hidden variables'.

Restore Freedom and Democracy: Free Science and Abolish Corporate Personhood - Today, nothing short of an energy evolution & revolution, possesses the Power to mandate change and reposition, redistribute Power and Influence toward Human Priorities, Survival, Growth and Prosperity and Restoring Freedom. The scientific concepts of new energy revelations will of themselves, provide a normal, natural, common sense redefinition and restructure of "Corporation".

Our outdated concept and application of Energy
Our outdated concept of "Corporation"
Revisiting the concepts of Power, Control, and Freedom
Revisiting the concepts of Holistic Economy/Economics
Relearning to Unify, United We Stand, on Life/Survival Parameters

Taking back “our need to know”, we can, with a single voice, agree with Nobel Prize winner , Ilya Progogine, that ‘as systems increase in complexity, their energy intensity and energy requirements to sustain life rise accordingly. Hydrocarbons ceased fitting the energy bill, became obsolete, years ago.

These upgrades in energy were available over 50 years ago.


Those not timid will find sufficient scientific evidence to validate the claim.  To the brainwashed, conspiracy injected enthusiasts, (the free, single thought, consolidated media fed mass), I suggest “Market Fundamentals”, replace most  “Conspiracies”.  (see


Demand scientific freedom and a return to free, not market dominated education. Education of core values, pure science, history and evolutionary human potential, fall far short of survival requirements. Human potential and growth, both biological and psychological, have not marched past Maslow's Survival/Self-Actualization Needs.


The “No need to know’ philosophy, belongs with Hitler and Slavery. When a society works on “dumbing down”  the masses, as epitomized by Corporate Commercials, ‘no need to know’ is required for safety, security, and fear of retaliation – to major crimes and theft worldwide.


However, dumbing down, no need to know, destroys all freedom, and eventually life itself.


Demand Scientific freedom and you will find the nature of Power, the two divisions, will automatically reverse course back to creation mode.


Evolutionary Change and Conscious Evolution are more than verbal toys. 


Food for serious scientific consideration found on the Web:


Future Energy eNews                  April 28, 2003

Navy Research Lab Ten-Year Story on Cold Fusion Success - makes the New Scientist magazine with a remarkably accurate account of perseverance that paid off, despite its confusing title. Here is the history of cold fusion told without suppression for perhaps the first time. Dr. Scott Chubb told me that even top management from DOE has visited his lab to inquire about the details.  –TV


Interview: Dr. Bob Hieronimus -Dr. John O'M Bockris – distinguished professor of chemistry Texas A&M Univ. - Bockris: “I can remember the times when all new ideas were jumped upon with joy. But something died, sometime in the '70s just all died, and Science became frozen. Physics particularly”.


Bernard Haisch  : "We scientists tend to think that we know better than anyone else what is possible and what is impossible, and that we of all people could surely not be kept in the dark for very long. Over the course of time I have learned how it would indeed be possible to maintain decades-long secrecy on this topic and why this might be justified, concepts I myself once dismissed."


Santilli: “the suppression of the approximate character of quantum mechanics and related basic symmetries in nuclear physics by the academic establishment implies the suppression of new energies, new forms of recycling nuclear wastes, etc constituting ‘damage against society’ a crime, including deception under public funding – a violation of the U.S. Criminal Code of Law.   


Quite On The Mark: Space Energy Access Systems, Inc. (SEAS) Strategic Overview

Research shows that over the past 75 years a number of significant breakthroughs in energy generation and propulsion have occurred that have been systematically suppressed. Since the time of Tesla, T. Townsend Brown and others in the early and mid-twentieth century we have had the technological ability to replace fossil fuel, internal combustion and nuclear power generating systems with advanced non-polluting electromagnetic and electro-gravitic systems. The open literature is replete with well-documented technologies that have surfaced, only to later be illegally seized or suppressed through systematic abuses of the national security state, large corporate and financial interests or other shadowy concerns.

Technologically, the hurdles to achieve what is called over-unity energy generation by accessing the teeming energy in the space around us are not insurmountable. Numerous inventors have done so for decades. What has been insurmountable are the barriers created through the collusion of vast financial, industrial, oil and rogue governmental interests.

In short, the strategic barriers to the widespread adoption of these new electromagnetic energy-generating systems far exceed the technological ones. The proof of this is that, after many decades of innovation and promising inventions, none have made it through the maze of regulatory, patenting, rogue national security, financial, scientific and media barriers that confront the inventor or small company.

Categories of Suppression

Our review of now-obscure technological breakthroughs show that these inventions have been suppressed or seized by the following broad categories of actions:

Acquisition of the technology by 'front' companies whose intent have been to 'shelve' the invention and prevent the device from coming to market.
Denial of patents and intellectual property protection by systematic action by the US and other patent offices.
Seizure or suppression of the technology by the illegal application of section 181 of the US Patent law or other illegal applications of national security provisions that result in the technology being classified or deemed "of significance to the national security". Note that these applications are illegal actions taken by rogue, unsupervised individuals and entities who are working in collusion with interests to suppress these technologies.
Abuses by other regulatory or licensing entities, including but not limited to rogue elements within the Department of Defense, CIA, NSA, Federal Trade Commission, Department of Energy and others.
Targeting the inventor or company with financial scams, illegal financial arrangements that lead to the demise of the company, and similar traps.
Systematic interception of funds and essential financial support needed to develop and put into mass application such a fundamental new energy source.
A pattern of harassment, bomb-threats, theft and other shadowy actions that frighten, intimidate and demoralize those inventing, holding or developing such technologies; significant bodily harm and murder have also apparently occurred.
Inducements through significant financial buy-outs, offers of positions of power and prestige and other benefits to the owner of such technologies to secure their cooperation in suppressing such technologies.
Scientific establishment prejudice and rejection of the technology in light of unconventional electromagnetic effects thought to be not possible by current scientific conventional wisdom.
Corruption of scientific entities and leaders through clandestine liaisons with rogue classified or shadowy private projects that intend to suppress such devices.
Corruption of major media entities and key figures through clandestine liaisons with rogue classified or private shadowy projects that intend to suppress such devices.



......Submitted by: "a concerned citizen"