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The Elantra MK II Air Ionizer


The ELANRA MK II now has a total of 144 different programming structures available, enabling it to cater more specifically to a wide range of ailments. It is like having 144 ionisers in one. One Hundred and forty four specific configurations have been designed to give different settings of ion output, concentration, frequency, direction and mobility.

FREQUENCY MODULATION  However, the greatest benefit of the ELANRA MK II. is its ability to modulate frequencies down to as low as lOHz for relaxation and the magical 7.83Hz, which is the Schumann Resonance - or the earth's own "brainwave".Dr Robert Beck, the father of Electro medicine, wrote in the Archaeous Volume 4 1986: "it has been speculated that frequencies in the 7.83Hz. range may be the universally permeating 'clock frequencies' or carriers on the which 'mind' or 'consciousness' states can be impressed and in which they may interact with other life forms in the nebulous realms of ESP, psychotronics, distant healing, radiesthesia and related paranormal phenomena". Elanra can be programmed to modulate frequencies to: 4hz - 7.83hz - 8.0hz - 10.0hz - 16.0 hz - 25hz - 32hz - 40hz

UNIQUE IN THE WORLD  No other ioniser on the market in the world combines the same componentry as the ELANRA MK II. Ninety five percent of other ionisers consist of a simple Voltage Multiplier Board. Another 5% incorporate a transformer as well as a Multiplier Board. Only the ELANRA MK II has a crystal controlled microprocessor circuit which reproduces nature's own ions.

DOUBLE EARTH The ELANRA MKII ionizer also includes a double earth to counteract poor electrical earthing. Ensuring perfect and safe operation anywhere in the world.

Antioxidant Water Ionizer


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Antioxidant Water Ionizerpad


Research has shown that electrolyzed-reduced water (alkaline water obtained from electrolysis) is effective as an antioxidant in the human body. Otherwise treated water, even after chlorine removal, is heavily oxidized. The Antioxidant Water Ionizer combines advanced filtration with electrolysis to reverse the oxidation state of the water, and produces delicious antioxidant water for drinking and cooking, which concentrates the alkaline minerals present in the feed water. Not only is this water good for you, it tastes better too! Make tea or coffee with this water, and you will never go back to previous methods. Added alkalinity helps balance the body’s pH, and the intensity of the electrolysis can be controlled in five levels. A negative Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) of the reduced alkaline water produces effective antioxidant water.

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